The RFID-based systems for inventorying and identification same time for your employees and ensure better protection of confidential documents and all kinds of assets.


Inventorying is 20 times faster or more

Inventorying is inevitable for a business – and it can be slow and inefficient.

Using our inventorying solution thoroughly changes the process. All you do is tag your assets and associate the tags with your accounting software. It is as easy as it gets and the whole process is automated.

Next, all you have to do is aim the mobile reader and scan: the found, missing and moved assets immediately show on the display.

An inventorying report is ready to print out and export.

Checking regularly on your assets – furniture, equipment, machines or others – helps you optimize your costs and work process, and minimize the risk of loss.


Save time and improve customer service

People in the administration handle much paperwork: archives are stored, reports are prepared, operational documents are processed. A simple inventorying can take several days, human error is much likely and taking out, sorting, processing and putting back the heavy document folders requires much elbow grease.

You can use our solution to inventory your archive.

Later you will be able to locate immediately a specific archive folder.


Better protection

Being able to identify persons with access to the administration or high-security areas is an efficient way of controlling the access to confidential information.

Being able to track in real time the movement and location of each document folder, piece of equipment or another asset, is an excellent solution for preventing theft and mishandling.


If you are dealing with a large amount of documents or archives, or if you are in charge of the management of a large number of fixed assets, contact us and we will help you optimize your work process and simplify your daily work tasks.

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