How the RFID solutions work to attract clients

You need RFID tags, antennas mounted on your premise (may be hidden) and a display. You have to tag all commodities. When a client picks a commodity, the antenna reads the tag and the display shows additional information, videos, suggested similar commodities or anything you might need to retain the attention of your customers and make them believe that you know their taste and are determined to help them choose what to purchase.


What are the benefits from the RFID solutions for attracting clients

Better customer service. You provide personal attitude to each client by offering him or her information about the commodities they are interested in.

Encouragement of purchases. You direct the attention of clients to commodities which complement or are similar to ones which have already caught their attention. This is a subtle way to encourage them to make a purchase.

Collecting information about participants in various events. RFID tags can be put on the passes which are given to the participants in training events, conferences and concerts. (You decide what information will be shown on the display when the tag of a person is read. This information can be strongly personalized.) In this way you can collect information about the interest of participants to specific topics, to take one example.


Areas where RFID solutions can be successfully used for attracting clients

Our clients have found RFID solutions to be efficient in tourism, trade and organization of events.

The RFID technology offers diverse opportunities for improving customer service and increasing sales.


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