More exciting events and collection of valuable data

Here is an example of how to have a truly memorable event

The participants in your workshop, conference or another register before the event begins. You give each a pass in the form of a bracelet or a badge with a RFID tag. When the participant goes into the event hall, he or she sees a personal greeting on a screen. This is possible thanks to antennas mounted in the event hall, which pick up the information from the RFID chip and know personally who walks by them at any given moment.

The same technology enables you to collect information about what is most interesting for the guests at your event. You will know what keeps their attention the longest, how much time they spend in the conference room. All this helps you better prepare for the next event and make sure it is tailored to the interests of the specific group of participants.

With this trove of information, you can be better at picking the right sponsors of the event. They will get a perfectly targeted audience and the participants will get proposals that are interesting for them.


Management of fixed tangible assets

If you have equipment which you use at events or rent it out to others to use it, the RFID technology will help you run fast inventorying and control. Checking whether everything is available, is a piece of cake and it takes several minutes to locate the asset you need.

Inventorying, tracking and attracting clients are the three applications of the RFID systems which are most frequently used in event organization. They provide valuable information about the participants, their interests and behavior, and allow more efficient management of fixed tangible assets. For the participants, they bring new knowledge, exciting activities and a personal attitude that is something to remember.

We have presented to you a few of the opportunities for using RFID-based solutions in organizing exciting and personalized events. You can use them to prepare more exciting things for the participants in your event.

Contact us and we will help you make a reality of the the craziest of your ideas.

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