Management of fixed assets

The biggest challenge in inventorying the fixed assets of a bank comes from having a large network of branches and offices dispersed across the country. Knowing what happens with these assets – what is available, what missing and what has been moved – is a complex and time-consuming task.

The RFID-based inventorying system deals with these problems. In a matter of minutes to up to a half-hour, you check on all office equipment in a bank branch. One day is enough to fully inventory the bank headquarters.

The system is compatible with all ERP or accounting applications. It allows you to know at any given moment what assets are available, what are missing and what have been moved where.


Protection of zones and documents of high degree of confidentiality

With the help of RFID tags attached to the folders with documents and antennas mounted at the entrance and exit of the space which the documents must not leave, you can locate them at any given moment and prevent mishandling.

A tag and a personal number placed on the uniform of each employee who uses the special-designation zones, enable you to react promptly to attempts at unauthorized penetration.

Ensuring a high level of protection of confidential information matters a lot both for the bank’s clients and for the bank itself. This is why we offer options for passive and active tracking of documents and people in the territory of the bank branch.

The RFID systems have two key applications in banks and financial institutions: inventorying and protection. They help you manage successfully your long-term assets and ensure high level of security for confidential information.

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