How does the RFID solutions work for finding objects (commodities, assets, livestock)

We have developed two options: one with a mobile terminal and one with fixed antennas

Searching with a mobile reader. What you do is first tag the objects. When you want to find a specific item, you input its name in the special software and aim the mobile reader to all items in the room or other space. It scans them and beeps when it locates the tag of the item you need. This solution works perfectly with commodities, fixed assets and books, to mention but a few.

Searching with fixed antennas. You can mount the antennas anywhere. Then you tag the objects and when they pass by a reader, the software of the system recognizes them.

The solution works equally well for finding commodities and objects, and for animals and people.


What are the benefits for your business

Improved customer service. It takes no time at all to find an item in your store or a book in the library, which enables you to take care of more customers in a shorter period of time.

Heightened security. Finding people and important documents is easier and much faster, which may be vital in critical situations.

Loss prevention. The RFID solutions for finding objects are effectively applied with mobile medical equipment, commodities, documents, animals and people.


Areas of application

The key areas of application are trade, health care, libraries and museums. The RFID-based search solutions are flexible and may be used in other areas as well.


If you can’t decide whether they will suit your business, contact us!

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