Better patient care

Our systems allow you to track your patients in real time. They have all the freedom of movement but it will take you no time to locate your patient in the event of an emergency. The system can be upgraded to include sensors and panic buttons for alerting the nearest care giver.

Our modules allow fast location of mobile medical equipment, which makes a huge difference in improving patient care, especially in cases when a life-saving procedure is called for.


Asset management in medical establishments

Inventorying the whole medical equipment is at least 20 times faster with a RFID-based solution.  The right RFID application can also show you where a given machine has been moved by whom, and its current location. You will be able to run more frequent inventorying and to prevent loss, theft and mishandling. Small chips attached to all surgical instruments enables you to perform checks before and after each medical procedure.

The option for identifying objects – people and things – helps you improve control over the access to important documents and wards/rooms where only authorized personnel is allowed.

RFID-based systems have several important applications in health care:

inventorying, tracking, searching, protecting and identifying of objects. With their help you will improve patient care and optimize the management of fixed assets in your medical establishment.


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