How identification works

The RFID-based identification systems use RFID tags. They contain the whole information that you need to know about the object and it does not have to be visible to be read. Depending on the system, they can be read by a mobile scanner or antennas mounted at certain points. The information that the devices receive – the brand, location, another – is processed by specialized software which is compatible with any other software you might be using.


What are the applications of this solution

Protection against counterfeits. If you put a tag with a chip and an individual number on the original products with your brand name, their authenticity can be checked within seconds.  This will help you keep up the image of your brand, prevent losses and ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

Better care for people with high-risk jobs. You can put an RFID tag on the uniforms of miners or people with other high-risk jobs. It will be easier to identity and rescue them in the event of an emergency.

Tighter control on access to confidential information. Being able to identify the people who have access to confidential information or to special areas in a building can help you protect your business against misconduct or malicious acts.


What areas are suitable for RFID identification

The most common uses by our clients have been in the administration, retail and health care.


If you wonder whether an RFID solution can help you optimize your business, call us and we will help you find out!

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