How the RFID inventorying systems work

Such a system comprises RFID tags, a mobile scanner and specialized software for processing the information.

In a one-off effort, you tag each asset with a label with a microchip and a unique number. During inventorying, you aim the mobile scanner at the assets (merchandise, equipment, furniture, anything), it reads the information from the tags and sends it to the software for processing after which it is exported to your accounting software or ERP system.


The benefits for your business from RFID-based inventorying

Saves time. It is 20 times faster to do your inventorying with a RFID system. The mobile scanner can read tens of tags each second without direct visibility. The distance for efficient inventorying can be as much as 6-7 m.

Lowers costs and reduces losses and theft. You spend for inventorying 5-10 minutes rather than a day or two, which means that you will be able to do it more frequently. In this way you know at any given moment what is available or in stock, and what needs to be purchased or restocked because there is not enough of it. You can make surprise checks which acts as a deterrent for wrongful behavior by the staff and for possible theft.

Improves customer service. You never run out of stock when demand is high. You always have an up-to-date picture about your assets and this enables you to secure an interrupted work process.


What assets are suitable for RFID-based inventorying

Fixed assets: machines, office, medical and retail equipment, tools.

Slow-moving consumer goods and valuables: clothing, household electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, luxury goods, art, museum exhibits.

Books and documents

We designed our RFID-based systems to optimize the day-to-day operation of clients in the area of retail and wholesale trade, health care, administration, banking and financial services, education, tourism, production, event management, libraries and museums.


If you have a question or you need to optimize your own business by using a RFID inventorying system, contact us and we will help you find what will work best for you.

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