Inventorying and tracking are the two RFID-based applications which are most commonly used in production. They enable you to check quickly the availability of production equipment, machines, office equipment and anything else you might need, and to minimize losses and mishandling of the output without interrupting the work process.


Management and organization of fixed assets

We know that you need to inventory all of your production equipment, machines, office equipment, basically everything in your company at least once a year. We also know that this frequently entails interruption of the work process, sometimes for more than a day, and that this causes loss of time and resources. Also, the likelihood of making mistakes while inventorying is quite high.

Now you have an opportunity to spare yourself these complications. With the RFID-based inventorying system you no longer have to interrupt the work process. Inventorying is 20 times faster and the risk for mistake is close to nil.

You can inventory your assets more frequently and have real up-to-date information about what is available and what is missing in your plant. You can take advantage of the asset tracking option to know at any giving moment the location of your machines, mobile equipment and tools.


Minimizing losses, mishandling and theft

Thanks to the fast inventorying and the option of tracking each asset in the territory of your plant/factory/workshop, you prevent losses, mishandling and theft.

The opportunity to track your products in real time, even before they roll off the production line, gives you additional protection against losses and mishandling by staff. Certain productions can benefit from the additional option of alerting for irregularities or emergencies on the production line, which will reduce the amount of discards and major equipment faults.

We probably have a working solution for you and your business. If we don’t, we will think of one. Contact us!

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