How the RFID system protects you

They help you track and locate any object (merchandise, assets, people) with an option to do this in real time.

We offer several solutions, all of them working through RFID tags. In a one-off effort, you tag all objects you want to protect. The information from them is read by a mobile reader or stationary antennas. Thus you track the object and determine its current location.


The RFID systems protect you against

Losses. They help you minimize losses and protect you against theft and mishandling.

Unauthorized access to confidential information. Documents and devices with confidential information become easy to track to make sure they never leave the designated area where only authorized personnel is allowed.

Emergency and loss of life. With the help of the RFID tags you monitor patients and employees with high-risk professions and respond immediately in the event of an emergency.

Counterfeits. Brand protection is one of the broadest applications of the RFID technology. You put a tag and a personal number on each product – clothing, music instrument, another – and you thus certify its authenticity. The tags are hidden and counterfeiters have no idea they are there.


Areas of application

In our experience, the most common areas of application of the RFID technology include trade, health care, libraries and financial institutions.


If you want to use RFID even though your business is in a different area, contact us and we will deliver the right solution for you.

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