Increased sales

Being able to check whether an item is in stock, sold out or in warehouse will help you improve customer service immensely.

We have taken care to provide further features of the RFID-based system which give a personal touch to customer service.

For example, when a customer picks an item, hidden antennas mounted in the store read the information from the item’s RFID tag. A display shows additional information about the product, suggests similar items or others which combine well with what the customer has already picked.


Loss reduction and theft prevention

Having spoken to potential clients and done studies on the matter, we established that retailers sustain the biggest losses as the goods are being moved from warehouse to store. Our RFID systems will enable you to minimize these losses. With the help of the RFID tags and the antennas mounted at the entrance and exit of the warehouse and the store, you can check the location of any item in a matter of seconds.

In the event of attempted theft, the system alerts you immediately and tells you what item is being stolen. The risk of mishandling by staff members is reduced dramatically thanks to the ease of intercepting it.


Easy inventorying

The RFID-based systems make inventorying fast and easy. This saves time and effort for your employees and they can focus instead on serving customers.

The RFID-based systems have broad application in retail, including inventorying, tracking, locating and protecting items, attracting customers and increasing sales. They lower the workload for your staff, reduce losses, prevent thefts and mishandling, and increase sales.

These are only some of the possible applications of our RFID systems in retail.


Contact us and we will help you put them to the best use in your business!

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