Improved equipment management

The fixed assets of hotels, restaurants, spa centers and gyms include furniture, computers, office equipment, POS, kitchen equipment, bed linen, towels, gym machines and what not. We created our RFID-based inventorying system to help you establish what assets are available and locate them within minutes.


Reduced losses and thefts

To use the inventorying system, you need to tag all your assets. With the help of the readers – mobile or mounted at places that we will pick for you – you will always know where those towels or linen are, and will be alerted of any attempt for sneaking something out of your hotel, restaurant or gym.

The very same functions are perfectly applicable in museums and galleries, where lots of valuables are exhibited or stored. Contactless inventorying protects them from damage and minimizes the risk of losses.


Personal touch in customer service and eye-catching presentation of information

The RFID system can give you information about the preferences and interests of every client. This will enable you to offer them options for their leisure time or commodities that perfectly match their interests.

It gives you a myriad of opportunities to present your museum exhibits and art in a way that will increase the flow of visitors to your museum/gallery.

The two key applications of the RFID systems in tourism are inventorying and attracting clients. Improve the management of your hotel, restaurant and sport equipment, minimize losses and theft, personalize customer service and attract more tourists with new features.


If you have questions or wonder how the RFID technology might be of use in your business, call us! We will be happy to help you!

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