The RFID-based solutions for real-time tracking of goods, equipment, people and any assets, can be passive or active. We designed them to help you protect your business against thefts, ensure the safety of your staff in emergencies and improve customer service.


How tracking works

Passive tracking. We mount antennas at certain locations in your premises (usually the entrance or exit of your warehouse). You attach RFID tags with personal number on each item to be tracked. When a client purchases a given item and leaves the shop, the information about this is forwarded to specialized software. The software then sends it to your application for monitoring the stock levels. In this way you can track any commodity or fixed asset.

Active tracking. Based on your instructions, we determine the zone within which the items will be tracked and secure Wi-FI coverage. Each item you want to track is tagged and you can monitor it in real time with the help of specialized software that goes with the tracking system. We highly recommend this solution for tracking medical equipment, senior citizens or patients. We also designed it with the idea that it will be most useful for people with high-risk jobs who tend to finds themselves in life-threatening situations.


What are the benefits for your business

Theft protection. Our experience shows that thefts are practically reduced to zero. You know the location of each item at any time; you know when somebody is trying to move an item without authorization; you know when and who has viewed confidential documents without authorization.

Improved care for staff and patients. We can add sensors to the RFID tags for real-time tracking, so that they can alert you of any emergency involving the tracked object. This will enable you to react immediately when the emergency occurs.

Improved customer service. In a matter of seconds you can check whether a commodity is in stock in your store and serving customers is much faster.


Areas of application

We usually recommend the tracking application of our RFID system to our clients in retail and wholesale trade, health care, tourism, production, eventing, libraries and museums.

If you have a different business, contact us to check out whether the RFID solutions can be of use for you. We will offer you a system that is tailor-made to your business needs.

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